Friday, January 22, 2010

Let's start, 22/01/10

I've sent everyone a basic email who responded to me with some instructions! Looks like we have about 10 people which is totally enough to get going with something like this. I expect the user base to both grow and dwindle dependent on how people feel about the project, but hopefully we can all sustain it!

Anyhow, for this first week, here's the important information!

BPM: 132
Key: D Minor

No other style or constraints this fortnight! So get to cracking on loops and samples. Between Leads, Basslines, Drums, even Vocals, make sure you make a bit of each just to make sure you get what you want! And feel free to submit as many (or as little) as you want!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

And we begin!

Basically, I've been kind of wanting to increase my music productivity for a while. And whilst I don't always write music in the vein of my band, I think having a place where I can grow as a producer/songwriter with the help of other like-minded individuals would be great. Combined with the Project52 idea, this seemed like a great time to begin.

The idea behind "Gestalt" is that it will, as the name suggest, be greater the sum of its parts. Thus, I'm looking for ANYONE who wishes to contribute weekly to help this project out. Basically if you want to get in on this, send me an email (Hopefully sooner than later).

We currently have a two-week schedule for each "Song". The first week consists of me posting the idea of the "Song" BPM, Key, a style/genre, then maybe a theme. Then when the participants receive the information, you have a week to compose an array of Beats, Leads, Basslines, Riffs, whatever you want to go into the song. The parts are then uploaded to a location (I'm thinking my mobileme at the moment), and in the second week, we get to arranging. The only things that can be used in the song are the pre-composed parts from the week before, with a -few- creative liberties. The songs can then be linked to here and we start over again in the next week.

Even if you simply wish to download the individual parts of the songs, or offer up parts, I believe each one can be released under creative commons. Remember this is BOTH for fun, and to improve your musical talents under time frame and pressure! So feel free to contribute and get in contact with me. If you want a certain style/bpm/etc post! Comment!

This week is spent drumming up interest, and I'll hopefully put a few more mid-week/start-up posts until Friday the 22nd, which will be the start date!